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About Us

As followers of Jesus Christ,

             As a Reformed Christian church,

                             As those gathered at Hope CRC in Oak Forest, IL.... 

We value worship that intentionally awakens us to the presence of God through the preaching of the Word and the celebration of the Sacraments.  

We use the voices of the congregation in liturgy, music, prayer, and proclamation. 

We expect preaching to be biblically-grounded, thoughtful, engaging, challenging, relevant, and responsive to the movement of the Spirit.  

We try to develop well crafted and participatory liturgies, including music that is thematically of one piece with the liturgy. 

We seek a balance of music that represents the best of Christian hymnody while intentionally including new forms of worship music. 

We want worship to be authentic to our experience while being hospitable, accessible, and inclusive to a broad sweep of worshippers. 

We strive to worship in a manner that inspires, encourages, and sends us out to love and serve God and neighbor. 

We value the shared life of community in which we celebrate each other’s joys and bear each other’s burdens. 

We symbolically recognize this community in worship through a time of mutual greeting and corporate prayer. 

We strive to welcome and embrace people from all walks of life, and cherish a wide range of perspectives and positions.  

We seek to build relationships that are marked by love, mutual forgiveness, and reconciliation. 

We wish to be a harbor or refuge, especially for those who feel battered, marginalized, and forgotten. 

We try to gather regularly for shared meals and music, for laughter and conversation, for genuine intimacy and intergenerational fellowship. 

We expect our relationships to encourage and challenge us to more closely follow Jesus Christ.

We value a full engagement in the world as a faithful, tangible response to God’s grace.           

We affirm and enjoy creation and culture, while working to restore both to God’s intention. 

We expect our corporate life to encourage and shape us in our individual vocations. 

We expect our individual lives to find cohesion and purpose in our corporate vocation. 

We would be faithful stewards of our gifts and resources to pursue peace, seek justice, show compassion, and express the Good News of the Kingdom.

We reach toward others with hospitality and the invitation to join our shared life.

We value education and nurture that equips and challenges us to be better informed, wiser, biblically-grounded, and more like Jesus Christ.

We celebrate the breadth, depth, and creative joy of learning from life – encouraging questions, curiosity, and the pursuit of all that is true.

We would develop educational experiences that are age appropriate, culturally sensitive, and engaging of mind and heart, while cherishing the mutually beneficial relationship of teacher and student. 

We strive to faithfully transmit the biblical and theological traditions of which we are recipients.

We expect our life together to challenge and push back the boundaries of that which is comfortable for the sake of more faithfully loving God and neighbor.

We understand our worship, community life, and service to be opportunities for shaping in us the mind of Christ.

We embrace a variety of venues for educating children, while supporting Christian schooling as an outgrowth of our baptismal vows. 

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Hope CRC
5825 W 151st Street, Oak Forest, IL US 60452
Phone: (708) 687-2095