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Recalibrated | Acts 9:1-19
Roger Nelson
As a much younger man I took a spin on the youth ministry speaking circuit. I spoke at conventions, conferences, chapels, camps, and retreats. It was an ill-fitting calling. I wasn't funny enough, spiritual enough, or charismatic enough. I had...

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Practice Resurrection | John 20:19-31
Roger Nelson
Wendell Berry ~ poet-farmer-prophet ~ ends a poem entitled, "Manifesto: The Mad Farmer Liberation Front" with this phrase: Practice resurrection. Practice resurrection. I love that phrase, love that idea, love that...

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Resurrection Revelation | John 20:1-18
Roger Nelson
We stand on the threshold of a great mystery. Let's come at it this way… Rocky and Julieta met as teen-agers in a café in Buenos Aires, shared a first kiss in September, and tied the knot the following April. They moved to Boston...

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