What We Value

We value the shared life of community in which we celebrate each other’s joys and bear each other’s burdens.

We believe that we are called into community by God. To follow Christ is to share life with others, so we build, nurture, and extend community.

Gathering for corporate worship, celebrating each other’s joys and bearing each other’s burdens, sharing meals, getting together for fun, and meeting others with warm hospitality are all ways that we try to shape community. We fall short, but it is an essential emphasis. We create opportunities that are specific to shared interests as well as experiences that are multi-generational. Our hope is that you can find a place with friends in this community of Christ.

Community Groups

Community Groups

Coming together to build relationships across cultures, generations, interests, and ideas is one of the ways we try to sustain our faith. We have a variety of groups and committees that harbor those relationships, and anyone is welcome to join.

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee hosts several annual church-wide, community-building events: the winter Chili Cook-Off, the Pentecost Potluck, Trunk-or-Treat, and a Christmas gathering, to name a few.

Book Club

Hope’s Book Club gathers every-other month on Sunday evenings to discuss the current novel they’re reading. New readers are always welcome! Contact us for the current book and next meeting date.

Creation Care Committee

Hope’s Creation Care Committee looks for ways to foster a deeper appreciation for God’s creation and steps we can take, as individuals and as a church, to protect and sustain it. They plan annual Wildflower Walks in the forest preserves, participate as a member of the CRC’s Climate Witness Project, promoted the near elimination of single-use coffee cups at church, and helped Hope become the first Christian Reformed church to achieve EnergyStar certification.

Facility Enhancement Committee

Worship at Hope is highly verbal: liturgies, sermons, songs, and sacraments are all meaningful ways that we encounter God through worship. The Facility Enhancement Committee visually enhances our congregation’s worship experience and provides a complementary way to honor God. Preparing the sanctuary for liturgical seasons, constructing banners, and arranging the sacraments are a few of the ways the committee serves. In addition, they supervise the practical steps necessary for enhancing the rest of the building.


HARP (Hope’s Association of Retired People) is a loose-knit, loving circle of those who are fully retired, semi-retired, quasi-retired, and a few who dream of being retired. They gather on the first and third Wednesday of every month at 10:00 AM for coffee, treats, and conversation. It is a decidedly low-tech affair. Sometimes they read a book together. Sometimes they host speakers. Sometimes they wrestle with current issues. There is always room around the table.

Moms’ Group & Little Lambs

For twenty years Hope has hosted a Moms’ Group. On Tuesday mornings from Labor Day to Memorial Day moms gather for coffee, conversation, prayerful support, creative endeavors, opportunities to learn, etc. There is an infant nursery available and a program for toddlers with music, stories, and crafts that we call “Little Lambs.” This has been a wonderful supportive network for moms.

Prayer Group

The folks in prayer group gather the first Monday of every month at 7:30 PM to pray for the concerns of our church, families, and friends. It is a wonderfully dedicated crew, with room for more. If you are interested in joining them in prayer, or if at any time you have a prayer concern, reach out through the contact form.


In 2006 a few women gathered to quilt and enjoy the company of others. Soon after, they began to make quilts for people at church they felt would benefit from being wrapped in God’s love. Special thought, care, and prayer goes into each quilt, which serves as a physical reminder to the recipient that they are cared about. Quilters meet each month on the second and fourth Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

Theology on Tap

Every month or two Theology on Tap gathers at the Flossmoor Restaurant and Brewery for discussion about a book. These books have been systematic theology, spiritual memoir, biblical reflection, something at the intersection of Christ and culture, historical interpretation, etc. The gathered community is always fluid and welcome to all readers and perspectives.

Looking to join in community?

If you’ve found an area of interest or are just looking to join in, please contact us. We’ll make sure you get in touch with the right people.