What We Value

We value education and nurture that equips and challenges us to be better informed, wiser, biblically-grounded, and trained in the mind of Christ.

Starting with our youngest and going all the way through to our oldest, we offer educational opportunities that engage and stimulate, that faithfully transmit the biblical and theological traditions of which we are recipients, and that encourage questions, curiosity, and the pursuit of all that is true. Sunday mornings include a full slate of “Sunday school” opportunities. We also have a variety of small group educational experiences throughout the week for all ages.

There is a good chance that the person sitting next to you at Hope on Sunday morning is a teacher–it’s just part of our make up. And while we embrace all sorts of venues for educating children, we have a deep, rich heritage that supports Christian schooling as an extension of our baptismal vows.

For Youth

We offer a variety of education programs for youth ages two through 8th grade.

Participation is not limited to church members. In fact, Hope encourages and actively seeks the participation of non-church members, as we invite kids from the community to join us.

Education For Youth

God Loves Me Ages 2 - 4

God Loves Me is for children ages two through four who are ready to participate in a classroom setting. They leave the sanctuary early in our worship service and meet for an age-appropriate Bible story and related craft.

Children in Worship Ages 4 - 7

Children leave the sanctuary early in our worship service and meet for an age-appropriate worship experience that opens with a Bible story and invites a response of wonder and creative expression.

Sunday School 2nd - 8th Grades

Sunday School classes meet every Sunday after the morning worship service to sing songs and to follow a Biblical curriculum throughout the school year.

GEMS & Cadets 2nd - 8th Grades

Girls and boys experience biblical teachings, outings, crafts, camping, volunteer service, and earning badges. They each meet twice a month on Wednesday evenings from 6:30 to 8:00 PM during the school year.

Vacation Bible School Age 4 - 5th Grade

Children from the church and community enjoy Bible stories and have all sorts of fun the 3rd week of June from 9:00 to 11:00 AM. Come one, come all!

Education For Young Adults

For Young Adults

Education programs for young adults in 7th grade through high school.

Friends, neighbors, or those interested are always welcome to sit in on a catechism class or tag along on a Yeeps event.

Catechism High School

High school students gather for catechism classes after the morning worship service every Sunday throughout the school year to thoughtfully work their way through the Heidelberg catechism.

Yeeps 7th Grade - High School

Yeeps is Hope’s version of youth group. They meet twice a month during the school year to do wacky youth group stuff, gather for discussion about faith and its questions, and serve together. Yeeps has led to remarkable experiences of cultural exchange and lifelong friendships.

For Adults

Educational opportunities for adults of any age at any stage of life.

While these are our specific educational programs, there are also several community groups where learning often takes place.

Adult Education

Adult education classes are held after the morning worship service. The range of topics covered is as wide as creation itself. Art, music, politics, history, environmental concerns, social justice issues, movies, education, sermon talk-backs, developing biblical literacy, etc. Every week there is a colorful presentation and discussion.

Baptism Education

Several times during the year we offer a baptism class for parents interested in having their children baptized or for anybody else who may be interested. The class is an exploration and reflection on the sacrament of baptism.

Curious about how to get involved?

If you or your child would like to participate in our educational offerings, please contact us. We’ll direct you to the right people to make that happen.