What We Value

We value a full engagement in the world as a faithful, tangible response to God’s grace.

We frame our life together around the themes of worship, community, education, and service. Those themes are rooted in Philippians 2:1-11, where Jesus empties himself and takes on the form of a servant. It is our desire in following Jesus to be a community of service.

We affirm the goodness of creation and long to see God’s shalom extended to every corner of creation. Thus, we want to be faithful stewards of our gifts and resources to pursue peace, seek justice, and express the Good News of the Kingdom.

Service Projects

Here are some of the ways we try to follow Jesus in servanthood, and we invite you to join us on that path.

Hope & PADS

PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) provides shelter for the homeless from October through April. On the first Saturday of each month, Hope prepares and serves a dinner at Redeemer Lutheran Church in Oak Forest.

Our work typically involves a group of four (three people, plus a Deacon who knows what to do…). We meet at Hope at 6:00 PM to prepare the food and bring it to Redeemer at 7:15 PM for a 7:30 PM dinner. After serving dinner we clean up the kitchen and pack up leftover food. We are finished by 8:30 PM.

Hope & Roseland

The Deacons have partnered with Roseland Christian Ministries to provide soup and sandwich lunches once a week for the community that RCM serves. We are looking for people to help us shop for groceries, make homemade soup, and deliver it all to RCM.

A few faithful folks also serve breakfast at Roseland on the third Sunday of each month. The Deacons are always looking to add to that group. If you and a few friends are interested in serving, sign up at the kiosk in the fellowship hall.


While we don’t talk a great deal about the budget in worship, we understand all giving to be a response of gratitude to God’s grace. The collection and use of every dollar is transparent—every week we publish a brief budget update in our newsletter, and a detailed budget is available upon request.

In broad strokes Hope’s budget is $500,000. One quarter of that goes to needs and institutions beyond the Hope Church community. A substantial portion of that money supports the work of the Christian Reformed Church in our region and around the world. We also support a variety of ministries and missionaries and continually identify and offer opportunities to give to special needs.

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Giving to a good cause.

A variety of causes are supported through your offerings. A few of the organizations we support locally and world-wide:

Interested in helping to serve?

We’re eager to have you and the gifts you’re able to bring. Please contact us to facilitate your request, or give now.